Tax season is always stressful, but it’s even more so for military service members who must factor in deployments, PCSing, etc. Fortunately, a new tax software program helps military service members, MilTax.

The tax filing season is stressful for many people and especially difficult for military families. Fortunately, the Department of Defense offers a suite of free services to help ease the burden on service members and their families. These include a free electronic filing software called MilTax, and personalized support from tax consultants. MilTax is available for active duty personnel and their family members, National Guard members and Reservists, veterans, and surviving spouses. It covers electronic filing for federal returns and up to three state returns. The program also provides advice from tax consultants who are knowledgeable in the unique circumstances of military life, such as deployments, combat pay, training pay, and multistate filings.

Miltax Eligibility 2
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Miltax Eligibility

Miltax is available from mid-January through mid-October 2023. It is backed by an industry-leading, 100% accuracy guarantee from the tax software provider. It is available to all active duty service members, spouses, children, and survivors. Retired and honorably discharged service members and their spouses are eligible as well. The service also provides extensions and assistance with unique situations like those of a service member living OCONUS or a family member managing the affairs of a deceased servicemember.

If you are a Veteran who is seeking an alternative to your tax software, you should be aware that the free MilTax software is only available to service members, their families, and surviving spouses who are in active duty, National Guard, or Reserve. In addition, Veterans who have separated from the military within 365 days do not qualify for this benefit.

How to Use MilTax
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How to Use MilTax?

To access MilTax, first, create a Military OneSource login. Once you have this, you can head to the MilTax page on the site. A big red button will say, “Login To Start.” Once you have clicked this, follow the prompts and start using the software to file your taxes.

If you have any questions while filing, contact a Military OneSource tax consultant via phone or live chat. They can answer any questions you may have and will be up to date on all the latest changes in tax law. They can even help you find the right filing status for your situation.

You can also use the myPay website to access your W-2 and make changes to your tax withholding. This can be done by entering your CAC or login ID and password on the myPay login screen. You can also change your filing status by visiting the myPay website and selecting “Married Filing Jointly” (MFJ) or “Married Filing Separately” (MFS).

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