Military Pay Chart 2022

Those who serve in the United States Armed Forces receive a pay raise every calendar year to even their salaries against inflation and changes to the cost of living. The military pay chart in 2022 is expected to see an increase of 2.7 percent. As it’s not finalized yet, the pay tables might see a change. Take them with a grain of salt as the military pay raise for 2022 that’s included in the budget bill may be more or less. 

A boost in military benefits

Although a military pay raise doesn’t mean an increase in the benefits that are received by the service members, there is a chance that certain ones like the basic housing allowance may get a boost. 

While these are in the talks, much bigger issues that can alter the rate of the pay raise for FY2022. The last day for the Congress to pass the funding legislation ended with the expected, and the government shutdown is on its way. Since this can also affect the military’s budget, a prolonged government shutdown may trigger a different rate of military pay raise than what’s stated above.

When is the final military pay tables 2022 coming out?

As soon as the funding legislation passes, the military pay raise will be finalized. From that point, we will be able to calculate the monthly salaries factored with the pay raise rate. Once the Congress agrees on the debt ceiling, which is the main reason that prevents the funding legislation to go through, we’ll keep you refreshed with the pay tables for 2022.

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