The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services news, information, and documents that employees need. Most documents found here are for immigrants or resident aliens that are working in the U.S.

  • Jan- 2023 -
    7 January

    Resident or Nonresident Alien Calculator

    In the case of nonresident aliens, the substantial presence test plays a big role in determining their residency. Basically, the Resident…

  • Nov- 2022 -
    10 November

    N-400 Form

    The N-400 form is used by those who want to apply for U.S. citizenship for themselves or their children. It…

  • Oct- 2022 -
    25 October
    I-94 Form 2023

    I-94 Form 2023

    When arriving and departing the United States, you will need to obtain one of the arrival/departure forms known as I-94 Form.…

  • 4 October
    I9 Form 2023

    I9 Form 2023

    During the pandemic, the Department of Homeland Security announced that Form I9 would undergo a renewal process. I9 Form is one of the forms used in…

  • Apr- 2022 -
    9 April
    Screenshot of I-9 TaxUni PDF

    I9 Form – Employment Authorization USCIS

    Form I-9 is the Employment Authorization Verification document that every employee working in the United States must file. This form…

  • Jan- 2022 -
    5 January
    USCIS Receipt Number

    USCIS Receipt Number

    Your USCIS receipt number is what identifies your application. Regardless of what you applied for, you’ll get a receipt number,…

  • 3 January
    Track USCIS Case Status Online

    Track USCIS Case Status Online

    Track your application/case through the USCIS online case status lookup tool. This tool is entirely free to use and web-based…

  • Dec- 2021 -
    29 December
    I9 Form 2022 on a wooden accountant table

    I9 Form 2022 – Online Fillable PDF

    The US Citizenship and Immigration Services or shortly known as the USCIS requires every employee in the United States to…

  • Sep- 2021 -
    1 September
    USCIS Covid Vaccine

    USCIS Covid Vaccine

    The US Citizenship and Immigration made announcements about the Greencard applicants and their COVID-19 vaccinations. Starting from October 1, 2021,…

  • Aug- 2021 -
    6 August
    I9 Form 2022 Instructions

    I9 Form 2022 Instructions

    Form I9, Employment Authorization Verification is the mandatory USCIS form that verifies the employment eligibility of an employee along with…

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