The United States General Services Administration documents and information for per diem rates, federal pay scales, and anything else that you need to know regarding the agency.

  • Oct- 2022 -
    14 October
    Per Diem Rates 2023

    Per Diem Rates 2023

    A few days ago, the federal General Services Agency, i.e., GSA, announced the new federal lodging as a part of per diem rates for…

  • Mar- 2021 -
    29 March
    Per Diem Rates

    Per Diem Rates 2022

    The per diem rates are updated for every fiscal year by the General Services Administration. For every year, from January…

  • Jan- 2021 -
    24 January
    How much money does the president make

    How much money does the president make?

    How much does the US president make while in office? The presidents not only get a salary but plenty of…

  • 9 January
    When is the inauguration day

    When is the inauguration day?

    The inauguration day in the United States marks the day when a new president takes office. Because of how the…

  • Oct- 2020 -
    4 October
    Passport Renewal Form

    Passport Renewal Forms Printable

    Passport Renewal Form DS-82 must be filled out and mailed to the National Passport Processing Center with the old passport…

  • Aug- 2020 -
    13 August
    Per Diem and Taxes

    Per Diem and Taxes

    Per diem given to employees are considered as reimbursements, therefore, it isn’t taxable. However, it can also be considered as…

  • 12 August
    GSA Contracts Types

    GSA Contracts Types

    GSA handles government purchasing. Although selling to the government may seem impossible at first, the 2021 GSA contract types allow…

  • Jun- 2020 -
    30 June
    New Stimulus Package

    New Stimulus Package

    The second stimulus package has been in the talks for a while and we now finally know a couple of…

  • May- 2020 -
    22 May
    Per Diem Rates 2021

    Per Diem Rates 2021

    The per diem rates are updated by the General Services Administration (GSA) every October. Although the GSA is mostly responsible…

  • Feb- 2020 -
    25 February
    GSA Advantage! Catalog 2020

    GSA Advantage Catalog

    General Service Administration runs the GSA Advantage! as an ordering service for the government agencies to buy from commercial companies.…

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