Army ACFT Standards

Army Combat Fitness Test or abbreviated as ACFT is the new standard fitness test for all members of the Army. It is a replacement of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) which was seen as outdated for many.

For decades, the Army has been testing and improving soldier fitness levels. The Army Combat Fitness Test is the most recent iteration of this testing.

The ACFT is now the official fitness test of record for all Active Duty, Regular Army, and Active Guard Reserve Soldiers. Additionally, it will be required as part of Professional Military Education courses and other recurrent training activities.

What is the ACFT?

The Army Combat Fitness Test has six events designed to measure strength and endurance. This assessment improves readiness while decreasing injuries.

Soldiers must take the ACFT for record at least once annually, and every time they advance in their career – such as getting promoted to NCO or entering special training schools.

The new ACFT is significantly simplified from its prior version, which was intended to be age and gender-neutral with different standards based on whether a job required “heavy,” “significant,” or “moderate” physical effort. Unfortunately, RAND recently found that this test does not reliably predict combat task performance for women and other populations.

Max Deadlift MDL

The Max Deadlift MDL is an upper-body resistance exercise that tests strength in the legs, forearms, and back. This event is the most challenging of all six ACFT circumstances.

Exercise 3 Rep Max (3RM) can be challenging and demanding, so it’s essential to know your 3 Rep Max (3RM). The Army requires Soldiers to lift at least 140 pounds for this event – more than three times their body weight!

However, the hex bar deadlift is also an exercise in balance and coordination. The bar’s curved shape tests your ability to maintain stability; if you lose it, you could quickly come crashing to the ground.

Standing Power Throw SPT

The Standing Power Throw (SPT) assesses a Soldier’s capacity for quick, explosive movements with their upper and lower bodies. Additionally, this test measures balance and coordination.

This event requires Soldiers to retrieve a medicine ball and throw it as far backward and overhead as possible, landing in one of 16 testing lanes – each measuring 25 meters long.

Soldiers in lanes one and two will alternately execute record throws. Each of their first two throws will be recorded, but only the longer throw counts as a record score.

Hand-release Push-ups HRP

The Hand Release Push-ups HRP is a two-minute timed event designed to test upper body muscular endurance. It assesses Soldiers’ capacity for performing repetitive and sustained pushing necessary for combat tasks.

Contrary to regular push-ups, Hand Release Push-ups begin with the Soldier lying prone on their stomach with their body touching the ground. They then perform a push-up and fully extend their elbows before returning to their original position.

Soldiers must not flex their backs or bend their knees and hips during push-ups to maintain front and rear core stability. Furthermore, they should not “peel off the ground”, as this would allow their chest to move first, with their midsection and buttocks following behind.

Sprint / Drag / Carry SDC

The Sprint/Drag/Carry SDC tests Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, and Anaerobic Power. This high-intensity event requires Soldiers to run five times up and down a 25-meter lane before pulling a sled weighing 90 pounds and carrying two 40-pound kettlebell weights.

Implementing new events, such as the plank, is essential to boost readiness and guarantee that soldiers are in optimal physical condition. The plank replaces leg tucks which may not accurately assess core strength for some Soldiers.

All Army personnel must take the ACFT for record at least once annually, and every time they wish to advance in their career. This test also applies to Soldiers enrolled in training schools or NCO training schools.

Keep in mind that members of the Army will take ACFT as their standard physical fitness test, twice a year. The new physical fitness test, ACFT will be used starting from October 2024. The score chart may be updated for the FY2024. If that happens, we will keep you updated!

A new fitness test comes with new standards. The members of the Army must complete all the exercises to get the maximum possible score. The new physical fitness test requires members of the Army to do the following exercises to examine their fitness capacity.

  1. 3 Repetitions of Maximum Deadlift
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand Release Push-up Arm Extension
  4. Sprint, Drag, and Carry
  5. Leg Tuck
  6. 2-mile Run

The ACFT Standards for the FY2023 can be found below.

Once the ACFT is finished, you can take a look at the FM 7-22 and fill out the Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard. The score charts are also seen in the scorecard right under it.

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