Army ACFT Standards

Army Combat Fitness Test or abbreviated as ACFT is the new standard fitness test for all members of the Army. It is a replacement of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) which was seen as outdated for many.

Keep in mind that members of the Army will take ACFT as their standard physical fitness test, twice a year. The new physical fitness test, ACFT will be used starting from October 2020. The score chart may be updated for the FY2021. If that happens, we will keep you updated!

A new fitness test comes with new standards. The members of the Army must complete all the exercises to get the maximum possible score. The new physical fitness test requires members of the Army to do the following exercises to examine their fitness capacity.

  1. 3 Repetitions of Maximum Deadlift
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand Release Push-up Arm Extension
  4. Sprint, Drag, and Carry
  5. Leg Tuck
  6. 2-mile Run

The ACFT Standards for the FY2020 can be found below.

Once the ACFT is finished, you can take a look at the FM 7-22 and fill out the Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard. The score charts are also seen in the scorecard right under it.

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