Army Blackboard

The announcement of the Federal Cloud Computing Initiative made a significant change in how the military’s online system was going to operate. Army Blackboard is a result of that and its main purpose is to create a cloud-based online system where the Army servicemembers can handle their needs. This works the same as the ACT, also known as the Army Career Tracker, but provides better security. Army Blackboard is also different than the Army Learning Management System, ALS.

How to log in Blackboard?

Head over to the Army Blackboard login page and use your AKO (Army Knowledge Online) or CAC to log in. One error Army servicemembers come across is the red banner error where it displays a red banner and an error. If this happens to you, remove the “QM” from the URL and proceed to log in. After you’re logged in, use Army Blackboard to satisfy your needs.

Army Blackboard Courses

Use Army Blackboard to enroll in courses. After logging into the Army Blackboard using your AKO or CAC, simply go to the courses tab on top of the homepage and locate the course catalog. You will see the QM Courses and search the courses. For example, type in 92G Refresher, and the course will appear. To enroll in a specific course, click the drop-down menu and click enroll.

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