DA 31 Example

DA Form 31 is what members of the U.S. Army must fill out to state their leave. This form is known as the Request and Authority for Leave. DA 31 example is shown below for Army members to help fill out one for themselves.

DA Form 31 is made up of four separate parts. The first part identifies the Army member and details about the leave. If the leave is due to an emergency, Part 2 must be filled out. If not, this section can be left blank.

If the Army member has dependents such as spouse and children, their information must be entered on Part 3 stating the relationship, date of birth (for children), and passport number. Lastly, enter the designation and location of headquarters, accounting citation, date issued, travel order number, and order authorizing official and his or her signature.

DA 31 is a single-page leave form, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to fill out one. DA 31 fillable is ready for the 2024 fiscal year.

Here is a Part 1 example of DA Form 31.

DA 31 Example
DA 31 Example 1

The type of leave and the dates of the leave should be entered properly. Then, you will enter information about your dependent(s) if you have any that will leave with you. The designation and location of headquarters, accounting citation, date issued, and travel order number is special to your leave. The order authorization official will then enter his or her title and sign it to authorize your leave.

Since DA 31 will be kept on the records, make sure that there is no missing or inaccurate information about you and the leave.

DA 31 Example
DA 31 Example 2

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