DA 31 Fillable

DA 31 is the Request and Authority for Leave. A military service member is going to use this form to request leave from their post. As a member of the military, you can use this form to request leave from your annual leave or when you need to attend an emergency. So there isn’t a set requirement that the leave must be for emergencies. You can simply file a DA 31 to request leave for a vacation.

Online Filing DA 31

While there is a lot of platforms that will charge you for filing a DA 31 online, it isn’t the case here. You can enter your information on the DA 31 fillable below and save it as PDF once you’re done. You also have the option to print out directly without saving. Either way, we recommend saving it just to have your information ready if you lose a copy of the originally filed document.

If you need DA 31 for later, click on download to save it as PDF.

File DA 31 Online

How to file a DA 31?

DA 31 is perhaps one of the easiest Department of the Army forms you can file. On DA 31, enter your personal information and enter the dates. This includes your departure and return along with extension if needed.

Hover your mouse over the box and enter your information using a keyboard. After you complete DA 31 fully, print it out using the print icon located at the upper right corner. Also, depending on your situation, you may need to detail your dependent(s) travel authorization.

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