Army Learning Management System, or shortly known as the ALMS is a training system that trains Non Commissioned Officers, training managers, unit commanders, and instructors. This is a web based training management system that can be accessed at home using CAC.

It’s perhaps one of the better managed web based services of the United States Army as it goes offline for maintenance on the fourth Wednesday of each month between 7 PM and 2 AM the following Thursday.

Unlike other similar web-based services of the US Army, the Army Learning Management System can be accessed by civilians. You just need to be authorized.

Although this might not like it, it’s actually one of the largest learning management systems as it currently servers more than 1.3 million soldiers and civilians that are authorized to use it. Generally, for a civilian to be able to use the ALMS, he or she must be working for the US Army as a civilian and obtain authorization to use these kinds of web services.

How to access ALMS? Login ALMS

So how do you log in Army Learning Management System? Head over to the ALMS log in page and use your username and password to verify identity.

Note: You are most likely to see the certification error on your browser. This is because the Department of Defense doesn’t use an SSL as means to secure their websites. Instead, the Department of Defense self protects their websites so it isn’t recognized by your browser.

After logging into ALMS, you can register at classes by clicking the designated button and enter the required information and click complete registration. You will then see the “processing…please wait”. After this, you will register for the class you’ve selected.

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