VA Form 21-4138 Printable

Veterans who have their claim ready but in need of more information to support their claim can use VA Form 21-4138 to do so. This VA form isn’t something that you’ll be using to show proof of documents.

Online Fillable and Printable Form 21-4138 is at the bottom of the article.

Instead, you will use it to make a statement. This actually can be done in two different ways. You can either use the VA Form 21-4138 or write it down on a blank sheet of paper. Both ways work just fine but using Form 21-48 is more convenient and much easier. Since VA Form 21-4138 is fillable online, you can download it once completed and print out later if you don’t have a printer available.

Keep in mind this can only be used by the veteran who’s making the claim. So if you’re looking to make a buddy statement, Form 21-4138 won’t have any use. Therefore, as a veteran who made the claim, you can use Form 21-4138 to make a supporting statement for yourself only. If you’re looking to make a buddy statement for a fellow veteran, use a blank sheet of paper.

Fillable Form 21-4138 and PDF

There are two different ways you can complete a VA Form 21-4138, either on paper or online. Since this form is published on as PDF, you can view, or print out directly. Also, Form 21-48 is fillable. This allows you to fill out the form online and print out the final version. All you would need to do after you print out is to sign it and get it over with it.

Here is what Form 21-4138 PDF on VA website includes.

  • Your name
  • Your Social Security number
  • VA file number if applicable
  • Your date of birth
  • Your service number if applicable
  • Phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your permanent mailing address

Once you enter all the necessary information on Form 21-4138 and write down your statement, you can then download it as PDF or print out without saving it. Complete the online fillable VA Form 21-4138 below and download it as PDF if you’d like it. Even if you don’t need it we recommend saving a copy of it just for good measure.

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