The iPERMS stands for the Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System. It’s a web based database that provides electronic personnel records storage. If you have any records to look up, you can find it on iPERMS.

To have access to iPERMS, you must have had the training for the role or the roles that your position requires. The training for the iPERMS can be gotten through the iPERMS Web-Based Training. The best part about the iPERMS is that you aren’t expected to fill out a DD Form 2875 to have access. You can simply take the web-based training and use your CAC to log in.

Since the Department of Defense self-secures the website without using a conventional SSL, your browser will first display the iPERMS as an untrustable website. Simply click on advance and proceed to iPERMS. This is a common problem faced with pretty much all of the online-based services of the Department of Defense.

How to log in iPERMS?

As mentioned above, you must have completed the required training for the role or the roles your position requires. You can simply complete the web-based training and have access.

Don’t forget that you will need a CAC to have access to website and view documents. Go to iPERMS to view and print out documents.

Note: iPERMS is on maintenance on every month on the 27th day between 10 AM and 6 PM.

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