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DA 4856 Counseling Form for the U.S. Army is the document that counseling sessions between counselors or leaders and their subordinates are recorded. The counseling form for the Army is also known as the DA Form 4856.

The counseling of all three kinds falls under developmental counseling. The three categories of counseling are performance counseling, event counseling, and professional growth counseling.

Fill out DA Form 4856 from from the bottom of the page

DA Form 4856 is a two-paged document that includes the following.

Administrative Data

This is where the counselor and the information of the military service member in speaking need to be entered.

Background Information

The events that lead up to the counseling needs to be entered here. Any comments of a previous counselor can also be entered here. This is basically the part where the purpose of counseling will be reported.

Summary of Counseling

The summary of the counseling session can be entered in this part. If the given space isn’t enough to explain the key points about the counseling, the counselor can add additional sheets to explain.

The second part of Part 3 is simple. In this part, the counselor needs to describe any plant course of action discussed during the session. Again, if needed, additional sheets can be attached but must be referenced in both the first and second part of Part 3.

The counselee will be given a chance to read the comments in both parts of Part 3 and must agree or disagree in the session closing section and sign off by both the counselor and the counseled service member.

The leader in speaking (counselor) will then write their responsibilities and accomplishing the plan.

Assessment of the Plan of Action

The final part of DA Form 4856, assessment of the plan of action is where both the counselor and the counseled individual will explain together whether or not the counseling worked and the plan of action has been put together and if there is any further counseling sessions needed.


Once DA Form 4856 is filled out, both the counselor and the counseled individual needs to retain a record of the counseling and must be kept on record until the issue has been resolved or separated from the U.S. Army.

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