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A Step-by-Step Encyclopedia for Filing Form I-9: An Inclusive and Elaborate Manual Equipping Employers with Unrivaled Knowledge, Expert Guidance, and Proven Strategies to Effortlessly Complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Process with Precision and Confidence

Form I9, Employment Authorization Verification is the mandatory USCIS form that verifies the employment eligibility of an employee along with identity. For the 2024 calendar year, every employee must file this tax form within three days of the hire. If not filed, both the employee and the employer might have to pay late-filing penalties. 

Start filling out I9 Form 2023

The USCIS requires employees to enter very basic information on Form I9, but if it’s your first time filing the form, it’s easy to get frustrated, as with any other federal government form. In this article, we’ll go over how to file Form I9 using TaxUni PDF filer and answer some of the commonly asked questions. 

Step-by-Step Instructions to File Form I9

Last and First Name: Enter your full name, separated by your first and last name. The first four boxes of Form I9 are dedicated to your name. You can also enter your middle name and other last names if any.

Address: Enter your address by street name and number, apartment number, city/town, state, and ZIP code. 

Date of Birth: Enter the date you were born.

Social Security Number: Enter US Social Security Number formatted as xxx-xx-xxxx.

Contact: Enter your phone number and email address separately in each dedicated box. 

Citizenship/Immigration Status: Check the boxes with the following information that identifies you.

  • You are a citizen of the United States (Box 1)
  • You are a noncitizen national of the United States (Box 2)
  • You are a permanent resident a.k.a Greencard holder (Box 3)
  • You are an alien authorized to work (Box 4)

If you’re an alien authorized to work, enter the expiration date for your employment authorization and enter either one of the following for means of identification.

  • Alien Registration Number
  • USCIS Number
  • Form I-94 Admission Number
  • Foreign Passport Number and Country

See Form I-94 2024

Last but not least, sign the form and enter the date completed. You can then present this form to your employer. 

Note: If you’re preparing Form I9 for someone else, enter the required personal information on the form and check the box that reads”A preparer or translator assisted the employee completing Section 1″ which is the above part. If you filed Form I9 by yourself – for yourself – check the box that reads “I did not use a preparer or translator”. 

Filing Form I9 online with the TaxUni PDF filer

Filling out Form I9 – or any other PDf file for that matter – is very simple with the TaxUni PDF filer. Select the area you want to enter any information using your cursor and type in. It can take some getting used to, but you are sure to grab it within a few minutes.

Once the form is completed, click the Save button identified as blue on the top right corner, and you’ll save it as a PDF file with what you entered on the form. You can then print out a paper copy or furnish the employee electronically by email. However, you need to sign Form I9 to make it valid. If your signature is missing, Form I9 you furnished your employer with won’t be compelling to the USCIS guidelines.

Commonly asked questions about Form I9

How long does it take to file Form I9?

All the information required on Form I9 is already on your mind. The only time when you might need to look at something else is when you enter your Social Security Number. If you haven’t memorized that by now, we highly suggest doing so as it can save you a lot of time especially in government agency offices. Nevertheless, it should take you less than ten minutes to finish Form I9. 

What are the differences between the I9 Form and W4?

Forms I9 and W4 serve different purposes. While Form I9 is used for verifying identity and work authorization, Form W4 is used for letting know your employer about your anticipated tax return so that the tax withheld every paycheck is not too far off than your actual tax liability. Also, Form I9 is mandatory, whereas W4 isn’t mandatory to file. Learn more about Form W4.

What are the differences between the I9 Form and W2?

Form I9 is filed by employees (and employers but mainly employers file a single copy and use it forever) whereas Form W2 is filed by only employers. Form I9 verifies the employee’s identity and authorization to work in the United States. Employers use Form W2 to report the total income paid to an employee during the tax year and taxes withheld from this income. Learn more about Form W2.

Is there a new Form I9 for 2024?

When filing Form I9, look at the top right corner of the form to see how long it’s valid. For the 2024 calendar year, you can file the current form until October 31, 2024. After this date, you’ll generally need to file the updated version of the form, but because USCIS has a record of not updating forms right away, it’s easy to say that you will use the same Form I9 as last year. 

Do you have to update Form I9?

Form I9 doesn’t need updating. The only time when you’ll need to file a new Form I9 is when you change employers. Filing a copy of Form I9 and furnishing your employer with the accepted documents to authenticate your identity and authorization to work in the United States once is enough.

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