Form I-9 Presentable Documents

Upon filing Form I-9—Employment Eligibility Verification, documents that establish identity and work authorization must be presented. The presentable documents will ensure the employee is who he says he is. If you’re an employer and unsure about an employee’s Social Security Number, you can compare the documents or verify it using Business Services Online on SSA. Learn more about verifying employees’ SSN.

Given you are required to file Form I-9 regardless of your citizenship or immigration status, you must present these documents. Keep in mind that your employer will scan a copy of the documents to keep it in the personnel files. This is to meet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements. During an inspection, the USCIS agents will inspect the personnel files and see whether or not there are any violations in Forms I-9 the employees furnished their employers with.

Not presenting documents that establish your identity and authorization in the United States will be considered as a technical violation. Since the USCIS doesn’t want that and it is mandatory, your employer may terminate you just because of this. Having that said, make sure to present documents to prove your identity and work authorization.

Below, you can see the full list of documents for identity and work authorization along with documents that establish both.

Presentable Documents

Driver’s License
Federal, State, or Local ID Card
School ID Card
Voter’s Registration Card
U.S. Military Card
Canadian Driver’s License
Work Authorization
Social Security Account Number Card
Certified Copy or Original Birth Certificate
Certification of Report of Birth
U.S. Citizen Card
Native American Tribal Document
Identity and Work Authorization
U.S. Passport Book or Card
FSM or RMI Passport with Form I-94
Foreign Passport with I-551 stamp
Permanent Resident Card (Greencard)
Form I-766

The deadline to present the above documents for proving your identity and work authorization is the same as the Form I-9 deadline. You must file Form I-9 and present documents within three days of your hire. If it isn’t done by then, your employer will have the right to terminate you for failing to produce Form I-9.

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