How to Get W2 Online

Before the tax season starts, employers must complete a Form W-2 for each employee working for them. Assuming you’re the employee, the W-2 reports your income and taxes withheld. You must have this piece of tax document to file your federal income tax return accurately. Without it, you’ll have a harder time filing a tax return.

The deadline for employers to file the employee’s Forms W-2 is January 31st which is roughly when the tax season starts. As soon as you have your Form W-2, you can then start filling out a Form 1040.

Although it is easy to obtain this document if you’re working at a smaller company as it mostly completed by hand, those who work at mid-sized or larger companies have it the hardest.

Because many companies are now choosing to send documents electronically, you sometimes need to get your own. As for where to get your W-2, it depends.

Where can I get my Form W-2?

Employers can use Social Security’s Business Services Online to file Forms W-2. However, they are also required to file a tax return and any tax software like TurboTax allows them to create Forms W-2. This eliminates the need for the Business Services Online.

As an employee, this is actually much beneficial for you since you can find your W-2 easily. Just head over to the tax software website your employer created the Forms W-2 and search. You can make your search by using the employer’s name or the FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).

Also, some companies allow search by the employee Social Security Number, making Forms W-2 more accessible overall. If you don’t know which one, it is most likely to be either TurboTax or H&R Block.

On the other hand, if your employer created a website for these kinds of deals, you can log in to your account if such a thing exists and reach the human resources or payroll-related categories to find your personal documents. Your best bet is to ask your manager or a coworker about how they got their W-2 if none works for you.

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