How to Get GSA IT Schedule 70

The U.S. General Services Administration offers contracts to commercial firms. These contracts can be at the federal, state, or local level. The 2024 budget for the entire GSA Schedule is estimated to be $45 billion. So the pool is very large and considering the scale of the contracts, a contract from the government can be a major role in your business’ growth.

However, there are many requirements that all commercial firms that want a contract must meet. The whole process works simply once you meet the requirements. To put it simply, when you’re interested in a contract from the GSA, you’ll have to submit your offer. A contracting officer will review your offer. If your offer is accepted, the agency will discuss further details.

Initiating Your Government Contract

First and foremost, you must take a look at the latest solicitation package. This is also known as the IT Schedule 70 Solicitation. It provides the information you need if you want to offer IT services, products, or solutions to federal, state, and local government customers.

Once you respond to this solicitation, you will basically initiate the application process and you may be awarded one.

If everything is in check, gather your company’s documents required under the solicitation. Right before you make your order, you must have validation from SAM, D-U-N-S and Open Ratings. Please keep in mind that depending on the contract you’re offering, additional documents may be requested at the time of negotiation.

Making Your Offer for the Contract

How to Get GSA IT Schedule 70
How to Get GSA IT Schedule 70 1

You won’t be submitting any paper to make your offer. Instead, you’ll use the eOffer system. If you can’t reach the page, make sure that you have digital certificates ready. Otherwise, you cannot access the website. After your company’s offer is made, as mentioned above, a contracting officer will review your order.

The assignment happens randomly and after the initial reviewing is done, you’ll negotiate the terms and conditions that apply to the contract. If all goes accordingly and both the contracting officer and you’re happy wit hit, the IT Schedule 70 will be awarded.

In conclusion, the process of getting an IT Schedule 70 contract will be something like this:

  1. Responding to the solicitation package
  2. Gathering company documents
  3. Getting registration and validation from the SAM, DUNS, and Open Ratings
  4. Submitting your offer on eOffer
  5. Waiting for your offer to be reviewed
  6. Negotiating the deal for the price, term, and condition
  7. If both you and the contractor is happy, voila!

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