Best Business Management Software – Reviews

Whether you run multiple businesses or a small business owner, managing every aspect of your business is challenging. As a business owner, overcoming every detail can be quite chaotic. Oftentimes, you may need assistance that can handle the work. Seeing everything as a whole about your business or businesses is crucial for growth.

For these basic reasons, there has been an exponential rise in business management software. If you haven’t tried any business management software in the past, finding the most efficient one for your business can be quite challenging.

Among all the business management software, not every one of them is going to be suitable for you. Before you pick software to manage your business, make a list of features that you are prioritizing. So you can find the most efficient one for your needs.

Depending on how you look at it, even Microsoft Excel can be a business management software. If your aim is only to have a software that you can process client data and your assets, it sure can be enough but only to a certain extent.

Getting Started with Business Management Software

Regardless of your business size and type, not all business management software is going to be for you. While some software aims to manage clients, contacts, vendors, and partners, some more focuses on assets. Sure, there is business management software that can handle all of these aspects but you won’t find all the features in one place.

Each and every business management software we listed below are unique in their own ways. You can find the most suitable one for you by checking out their features and see if it will be enough or not. Without further ado here are our top picks for business management software to use in 2020.

1 – Zoho One

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

Zoho One is an excellent business management software for its simplicity and a wide variety of features it has. Every need of your business management is compiled into one place with Zoho One. It has a cloud in which you can store and share the necessary documents to multiple devices. If there is anything that you will do on a regular basis with the business management software, you can automate all the work without having any worry at all.

Rather than thinking Zoho One as software that only the business owner will use, it is for every team member. So if your business is set in multiple locations, Zoho One could be the best business management software. Zoho One also has a 30 days trial in which you can get the feel of it for free.

2 – Odoo

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

Again, another all-in-one business management software. Odoo is best for those who need Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, inventory management, and sales management. Have products to sell? Odoo can be a great fix to keep little details and analyze.

The best feature of Odoo is undoubtedly project management. Set your business on Odoo and take advantage of its apps that are put together in one place. The real convenience of Odoo comes with its unique dashboard where you can take a quick look at how everything is going.

3 – ProofHub

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

A business management software that works on all devices including Android and iOS. Take your business wherever you go with ProofHub. It has all the basic features of management software needs. Create reports to get a better insight into your business. Just like Zoho One, it has cloud storage that you can share and save both documents and files.

The main focus of ProofHub is task and project management. If you got new things to try on your business, Proofub can be a great assistance. Your team members will have no issue with using ProofHub as it’s simple to use and has little to no learning curve. The 14-day free trial includes all the features so you won’t be limited in any way.

4 – Appvito

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

Appvito offers the best Customer Relationship Management in our list. Combined with project management, timesheet, and invoicing features, Appvito can be the ultimate business management software you need. Analyze your sales and see reports on what your clients like and don’t like.

Its billing system allows you to receive and send online payments. The top features are tracking your sales with CRM and managing your supplies. The hardship of tracking vendors and inventory will become an automated job with Appvito. Appvito’s applications can be used on Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android. You can try Appvito for 30 days with all of its features or schedule a demo to get a guide on all the features.

5 – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise business management software. It is best for medium-sized businesses. Although it can be complicated at first, once you get the feel of it, Dynamics 365 Business Central covers all the needs of a business. Unlike you may think, it’s available on all devices including Android and iOS.

It is the most comprehensive business management software on our list but getting used to it takes quite some time. After you and your team members know the basic features of the software though, using any other business management software will feel like a toy. If you have a small business though with possibly less than 100 employees, Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be a bit excessive though. Same as other software on our list, it gets its strength from cloud-based storage and communication so all parts of your business can be in one place.

6 – Invoice2go

Best Business Management Software - Reviews

Invoice2go is the best for business owners who are looking for business management software to use on their smartphones. Given the nature of having a business in more than one location, you’ll have to create many invoices. Invoice2go exactly does that but with a little bit of twist. It has many advanced invoice customizations you can create on the go.

It is one of the oldest business management software on our list which was created back in 2002. So you can count on the reliability of it. The only drawback to it is that it has no live bank feeds but other than that, it is an excellent business management software that works always work ahead of its time. The 3-month long free trial enables all the features without any limitation. Certainly, it is the best business management application when it comes to invoices.

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