Zoho Books vs Quickbooks

If you are planning to switch to professional accounting software and have done research about it, then you may already know about Quickbooks and Zoho Books. In this guide, we are going to compare the two most popular accounting software so that you can make your final decision. However, before we start, we would like to note that there is no best or worst accounting software in the world.

These will vary depending on various factors, but most importantly, on you or your business needs. So, let’s keep it short and start with the Zoho Books review.

Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books may be one of the best accounting programs for many businesses. However, this software is not designed for large businesses and may not meet all their needs. On the other hand, it is quite easy to use with its fast-learning curve and lets you access your finances from anywhere with its mobile application.

It is also one of the cheapest accounting software compared to the features of the product. Needless to say, you are going to enjoy great customer support, which will assist you with any of your questions.

Although the pricing varies depending on various factors, you can expect to pay up to $275 per month. It can be used by up to 15 users at the same time as well and offers more than 30 integrations.

Types of Businesses Benefit Most from Zoho Books

If your business meets one or more of the following conditions, then Zoho Books might be a better choice for you compared to Quickbooks.

  • Having the desire to control your finances via mobile applications.
  • Do not have enough budget to spare for professional accounting software.
  • Looking for easy-to-use accounting software with a quick learning curve.
  • You need international invoicing.
  • You may need to contact the provider too often for support.
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Quickbooks Review

Unlike Zoho BooksQuickbooks is designed for large businesses. This means that it comes with many features and integration operations that can help you save time and effort in the long run. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of Quickbooks is its expensive pricing. Considering its features, it is reasonably affordable, but if you will not use most of these features, then it may not be the ideal software for your business.

Clients would like to receive at least decent customer service when they pay this much money. However, Quickbooks can easily disappoint you with its fair services.

The pricing of Quickbooks varies between $30 and $200 per month. The software supports up to 25 users at the same time within a company. One of the outstanding features of the software is it supports more than 650 integrations for you, which makes it the leading software in terms of integration alternatives.

Types of Businesses Benefit Most from Quickbooks Books

You can prefer Quickbooks with ease of mind in case your business is interested or engaged in one or more of the following activities.

  • You need an integrated payroll system.
  • Looking for plenty of features and integrations in your accounting software.
  • Need to access the lending option within the accounting software you use to save time.
  • Looking for easy accounting software with a fast-learning curve.
  • Need automation that will help you to save time and effort.
FeaturesZoho BooksQuickBooks
PricingOffers various budget-friendlyOffers a range of plans suitable for
plans.freelancers, small businesses, and
larger enterprises.
User-FriendlyUser-friendly interface suitableIntuitive interface, ideal for users
Interfacefor small business owners.new to accounting software.
Feature SetCovers essential financialComprehensive suite of tools for
management features.financial management.
Mobile CompatibilityProvides a mobile app forOffers a mobile app for on-the-go
managing finances on the go.financial management.
CustomizationLimited customization options.Extensive customization options,
suitable for unique business needs.
Third-PartySupports various integrationsVast ecosystem of third-party
Integrationswith third-party applications.integrations for enhanced functionality
Ideal for SmallSuited for small businesses,Ideal for small and medium-sized
Businessesfreelancers, and startups.businesses with room for growth.
Room for GrowthGrowth-oriented features mightOffers advanced features for growing
be limited.businesses and scalability.

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