Is Google Pay a Payment Gateway

Google Pay is becoming an increasingly popular way to make payments online. Implementing Google Pay on your e-commerce store can help you reach a higher range of customers. But having only Google Pay on your online store won’t be enough. Because the short answer to the question “is Google Pay a payment gateway?” is no.

Google Pay is an API. So it will not exactly work as a payment gateway. If your payment gateway platform partners with Google that host a checkout page on your e-commerce site, you can use Google Pay’s own hosted checkout feature.

How Does Google Pay Work?

When Google Pay users make a payment using Google Pay, they don’t need to enter their credit or debit card information. Everything is usually done securely with the entry of a password or scan of a fingerprint on smartphones. Google Pay is available on many payment processors and gateways. There is a high chance that your payment processor already supports Google Pay and you can install it on your website and apps.

To summarize it all, Google Pay users who keep their payment information with Google can pay without entering their information on the web and on applications. This takes makes it a lot convenient for many online shoppers to use Google Pay when placing an order.

The only real downside to Google Pay is that it is only available in the United States and India for iOS devices. For Android users, on the other hand, Google Pay is available in more than 75 countries. There is no doubt that this alone is a great reason to install Google Pay on your e-commerce site.

The video down below shows how you can install Google Pay API on your e-commerce website and apps. It is super easy to implement to your website and usually takes about half an hour to make everything fully functional.

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