When does tax-free weekend end?

In some states, shoppers enjoy a sales-tax-free time at the register – for certain categories of items, up to a certain amount. The tax-free weekend mostly collides with the back-to-school season, but state revenue departments get to choose when to have a tax-free weekend, and that’s assuming the state is going to have a tax-free weekend in the first place. 

The tax-free weekend ends a few days after it first starts. Since the dates are different for every state that has such an event, there isn’t a set day for every tax-free weekend to end. For the time being, 17 states have announced their sales-tax-free weekend dates and the included items. Here is when the tax-free weekend is going to end in those states for the 2024 calendar year. 

  • Alabama: July 18
  • Arkansas: August 8
  • Connecticut: August 21
  • Florida: August 9
  • Iowa: August 7
  • Maryland: August 14
  • Mississippi: July 31
  • Missouri: August 8
  • New Mexico: August 8
  • Ohio: August 8
  • Oklahoma: August 8
  • Tennessee: August 1
  • Texas: August 8
  • Virginia: August 8
  • West Virginia: August 2

As it can be seen from the above list, the sales-tax-free weekend has already ended in some states. But, this only includes the back-to-school season. For what it’s worth, there are other tax-free weekends in some states that span over a year. Read the following articles to see the back-to-school tax-free weekends and other sales tax holidays in 2024.

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