Sales Tax Holiday

Sales tax holiday in the United States are dates set by the state governments where the sales tax on certain purchases do not apply. The sales tax holiday usually occurs during the back to school season so the families can cut the costs of purchase of clothes, school supplies, equipment, etc.

Other than the back to school season, states have a sales tax holiday for preparedness items for natural disasters like hurricanes. In 2024, Alabama, Virginia, and Florida are the three states that will have a sales tax holiday for hurricane preparedness items. But again, for the most part, the sales tax holiday is more for the back to school season.

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While most states have a fixed date for the tax holiday, some have it every once in a while. As of now, here is the sales tax holiday dates and what kind of items it includes.

AlabamaJuly 17 – 19$100 clothing
$750 computers
$50 school supplies
$30 books
ArkansasAugust 1 – 2$100 clothing
$100 school supplies
ConnecticutAugust 16 – 22$100 clothing and footwear
FloridaAugust 7 – 9$60 clothing
$15 school supplies
$1,000 computers
IowaAugust 7 – 8$100 clothing
MarylandAugust 9 – 15$100 clothing and footwear
Mississippi July 31 – August 1$100 clothing and footwear
MissouriAugust 7 – 9$100 clothing
$1,500 computers
$50 school supplies
New MexicoAugust 8 – 9$100 clothing
$1,000 computers
$500 computer equipment
$30 school supplies
OhioAugust 7 – 9$75 clothing
$20 school supplies
OklahomaAugust 7 – 9$100 clothing
TennesseeAugust 7 – 9$100 clothing
$1,500 computers
$100 school supplies
TexasAugust 7 – 9$100 clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks
VirginiaAugust 7-9$100 clothing
$20 school supplies
*AlabamaFebruary 21 – 23$1,000 hurricane preparedness and generators
$60 supplies
*FloridaMay 29 – June 4$750 hurricane preparedness and generators
$50 supplies
*VirginiaAugust 7 – 9$60 hurricane preparedness
$1,000 generators
2021 Sales Tax Holiday Dates and Items Included

Your state isn’t on the list? Since this is too early for the states to announce the 2024 dates for the sales tax holidays, it may take some time. However, this doesn’t mean that your state will have a sales tax holiday. Unfortunately, not all states have a sales tax holiday. As soon as any state announces a sales tax holiday, we will keep you updated.

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