W9 Request Letter Template

Form W-9 is needed to file information returns to the individuals and businesses to whom you’ve made payments. The IRS requires payments mostly in excess of $600 paid to be reported using Forms 1099. There are plenty of variations of this tax form and the right one for the purposes of the payment must be used. 

A W-9 request letter template can help you request the taxpayer identification number. Although you should create a template of your own to send contractors and freelancers you work with, here are the things you should include in your W-9 request template.

  • The reasoning for the W-9
  • Why you need the taxpayer identification number
  • What would happen without the W-9 (such as penalties and not being able to file the necessary information returns)

Here is what needs to be written on the template:

TaxUni (change it with your business name) must have Form W-9 on file for all freelancers, contractors, etc. in order to adequately file information returns (Forms 1099). Please fill out the attached Form W-9 and return it to us as soon as possible. 

You may fax your Form W-9 to: (your fax number)


E-mail to: (your e-mail)


mail to: (your mail address)


The above is a simple Form W-9 request letter template you can use for your business. Make sure to attach Form W-9 2024 on the letter so that the requested individual or the business can have the W-9.

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