W-4 Form Definition

Form W-4 is a simple tax form that provides information to employers by employees to adjust how much tax needs to be withheld from their income. By definition, Form W-4 is a simple enough tax form that any first-timer will have it easy when filing.

But, what is Form W4 exactly? Form W4 is as easy to understand as what’s stated above. You – the employee – will fill out Form W-4 to help your employer to figure out the income tax withholding amount.

You can start filling out Form W4 for the tax year.

The information asked on Form W-4 isn’t very detailed but crucial for employers to have so that the tax withheld from income can be accurate and the take-home pay of the employee isn’t too less because of withholding but not too much either.

Am I required to fill out Form W-4?

As an employee, you have no obligations that say you need to provide your employer with Form W-4. You can simply skip this but the outcome of it won’t be as good as you would imagine.

An employee who hasn’t filed Form W-4 and furnished it to his or her employer will pay federal income tax through withholding at the highest single rate. What the highest single rate refers to is that you will be accounted for as a single filer with no dependents and only the standard deduction claimed on the 55tax return.

This will result in a higher rate of taxes withheld than what normally would be withheld. That said, Form W4 is an important tax form that should be filled out by all employees regardless of their wage and salary.

Same as most other tax forms, Form W4 is also renewed by the Internal Revenue Service. The changes to the tax law makes it a requirement for the revision of Form W4. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brought significant changes to the U.S. tax code and in 2024, Form W4 went under changes. These changes made Form W4 a lot simpler and more accurate for tax withholding.

Although Form W4 isn’t required by law, make sure to fill out one so that your employer knows how much tax that needs to be withheld from your income.


  1. I filled out the W-4P to have additional amount to be withheld from my pension but there is no information as to where I submit the form?

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