W2 Box 14 Codes

Form W-2 is used more than just reporting the income paid to employees and the taxes withheld from the income paid. It also reports certain types of payments whether they are taxable or not. In a previous article, we’ve already covered the Box 12 codes. You can read Form W2 Box 12 codes if you’re noticing trouble finding the correct codes.

As for the Box 14 codes, there aren’t exactly codes like the Box 12. Employers can pretty much enter anything on Box 14. Usually, employers use the first letters of each word that corresponds to that payment. If you can’t understand what an amount means reported on Box 14, contact your employer and ask about it.

So what can be reported on Form W2 Box 14?

Generally, the following types of payments are reported on Box 14.

  • Long-term disability
  • Work clothing payments
  • Nontaxable income
  • Educational assistance
  • Charitable contributions made through payroll deduction
  • Health insurance premiums deducted
  • Union dues

for railroad employees:

Given the nature of the payments reported on Form W2 Box 14, more than one type of payment being reported using Box 14 is very unlikely. Therefore, we suggest employers write down the type of payment as explanatory as possible so that the employees don’t have it hard trying to figure out the reason for the payment. Since employes will attach Form W2 to their federal income tax returns, it’s important that both the money amounts and the every bit of text that go into is readable. You can start filling out Forms W2 from here.

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