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The visa bulletin is the State Department’s monthly update on visa waiting periods. This article will cover Visa Bulletin for July 2023.

Every month, the Department of State publishes a visa bulletin that summarizes the availability of immigrant visas (green cards) for each category and country. Green card applicants use the visa bulletin to determine if they can file their green card application with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services. The visa bulletin includes two charts: the Final Action Dates chart and the Dates for Filing Applications chart. Typically, the Department of State will follow the Final Action Dates chart when it decides to adjudicate green card applications with USCIS.

The green card wait times in the visa bulletin depend on the number of people waiting to apply for their green cards and how long it will take to process those applications. The government limits the total number of green cards it issues each year in each preference category, and each country has a different limit based on its population. This means that applicants from high-population countries will have to wait longer for their green cards than those from low-population countries.

As green card applications continue to be filed, the demand for green cards in each category increases, and the available visas become scarce. This leads to backlogs in each category and the wait times listed in the visa bulletin. Typically, green card priority dates move forward over time, but sometimes, the demand for green cards exceeds the available visas in a given month, and the cut-off date moves backward. This is called visa retrogression. It happens most often in September, at the end of the government’s fiscal year.

The monthly Visa Bulletin is important because it can give you a glimpse into your wait time for a particular category of green cards. In order to file a green card application, you will need to have your priority date prior to the current final action date in that category. If your priority date is prior to the final action date, your green card will be approved quickly. The visa bulletin tells you if your priority date is current, so you can start the green card process. However, the waiting time can vary from a few months to decades for some categories of green cards. Boundless publishes the latest visa bulletin numbers and wait times here.

Visa Bulletin Update
Visa Bulletin 1

Visa Bulletin Update

The VISA Bulletin July 2023 is an important update from the Department of State that gives information on green card availability and outlines per-country priority date cutoffs. These dates regulate immigrant visa application filings and consular processing times. The visa bulletin also contains other immigration information, such as the current status of DACA and TPS. It is important to stay updated with this document to make sure that your applications are filed at the right time.

The July 2023 Visa Bulletin contains a Dates for Filing chart and an Application Final Action Dates chart, each of which indicates when intending immigrants can file their employment-based adjustment of status applications with USCIS. The USCIS will choose which chart to follow each month, and for the month of July, it has chosen to follow the Final Action Dates chart.

Applicants should review the Final Action Dates chart carefully, and understand that dates on this chart represent the earliest date that intending immigrants can file their adjustment of status applications with the USCIS. However, it is important to note that these dates are subject to change on a monthly basis, so it is essential to remain in touch with your Fragomen immigration professional regarding any updates to this chart.

As a result of the substantial backlog, it is likely that EB-3 India and other worker categories will face significant retrogression in the August 2023 Visa Bulletin. Nonetheless, individuals can find strength in their resilience and support from their loved ones as they continue to navigate this challenging time. They can also look for guidance and support from their immigration professionals and remain resilient by staying informed of all the latest news from the government.

Visa BulletinCategoryPriority DateChinaIndiaMexicoPhilippinesAll Other Countries
June 2024F1 (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens)01JUN2301JUN2301JUN2301JUN2301JUN2301JUN23
June 2024F2A (Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents)15NOV2215NOV2215NOV2215NOV2215NOV2215NOV22
June 2024F2B (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents)01APR2301APR2301APR2301APR2301APR2301APR23
June 2024F3 (Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens)01AUG1322JUN1322JUN1301AUG1301AUG1322JUN13
June 2024F4 (Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens)15JAN0922JUN0501JAN0401JUL9815JAN0922JUN05
June 2024EB1 (Employment-Based First Preference)CurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrent
June 2024EB2 (Employment-Based Second Preference)01JAN2201JAN2201JAN2201JAN2201JAN2201JAN22
June 2024EB3 (Employment-Based Third Preference)01JUL2001JUL2001JUL2001JUL2001JUL2001JUL20
June 2024EB4 (Employment-Based Fourth Preference)CurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrent
June 2024EB5 (Employment-Based Fifth Preference)CurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrentCurrent

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