USCIS Receipt Number

Your USCIS receipt number is what identifies your application. Regardless of what you applied for, you’ll get a receipt number, also known as a tracking number, to stay up to date with your application. 

There are different kinds of receipt numbers, but the formatting is all the same. Your USCIS receipt number will start with three letters, followed by a 10-digit code that you can use to track the status of your case. As it’s used for identifying your application, you’ll be asked for it in case you contact USCIS

Understanding USCIS receipt number format

The first three letters of your receipt number point out the USCIS service center that’s processing your application. Here are what those three-letter mean and the service center that’s processing your application.

USCIS receipt number starting with EAC 

EAC stands for the Eastern Adjudication Center, also known as the Vermont Service Center. 

USCIS receipt number starting with IOE

IOE stands for the Electronic Immigration System, also known as the ELIS. 

USCIS receipt number starting with LIN

LIN stands for the Lincoln Service Center. This service center is located in Nebraska. 

Here are other commonly seen service centers and their unique three letters to identify them.

  • MSC – Missouri Service Center – National Benefits Center
  • NBC – National Benefits Center
  • SRC – Southern Regional Center -Texas Service Center
  • WAC – Western Adjudication Center – California Service Center

What to do when you didn’t receive the receipt number?

If you haven’t received your receipt number, that means you haven’t gotten your Notice of Action in the first place. In this situation, the best thing to do is to wait until it arrives by mail. If the USCIS has already sent it, but you haven’t received it for an unusual period, it’s best to contact the agency and tell them about your issue. 

What the USCIS can do from there is to send a copy of the Notice of Action. Considering that over 1.7 million packages are lost every day, it’s possible that your Notice of Action disappeared. Once you get your Notice of Action, you’ll find see your receipt number on the document.

Still waiting for Notice of Action?

In case the USCIS hasn’t created and sent your Notice of Action, there isn’t much you can do to make it happen faster. The processing times vary by application. If you’re applying for immigration-related inquiries, it’s possible that it will take a lot longer than others. Nevertheless, you can call the USCIS to get updates on your application status, including a rough estimate of when you might get the Notice of Action that displays the receipt number.

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