Third Stimulus Check Status

The 3rd stimulus checks have been started to roll out by IRS and Treasury. If you’re wondering when you’ll get your third stimulus check, see the status of your stimulus and get an idea of when you might get it. The first ones to receive their stimulus payments are the ones that have bank information with the IRS.

Stimulus direct deposited

The first direct deposits were sent on March 12 but the official date is March 17. So if you’re checking the status of your payment, you might see it’s due on any day between March 12nd and 17th.

Stimulus check mailed

Those who don’t have their payment information with the IRS will get a paper check. The first paper checks will be sent on March 15. But again, it might be sent after this given date and you might wait as long as a week or two after March 15tth for your stimulus check to put in the mail to arrive at your door.

Stimulus EIP debit cards

In addition to checks, you might get an EIP debit card rather than a paper check. If that’s the case, you will wait for quite a while. The first EIP debit cards will be sent on March 29. However, same as the other dates mentioned, you might wait for longer than that. So it’s wise to check the status of your third Economic Impact Payment regardless of how you’re going to receive it.

How to check the third stimulus status?

The stimulus tracker, or Get My Payment tool as shown on the IRS website enable those who are eligible for one to see the status of their payments. It works the same way as Where’s My Refund and updated once a day, usually at midnight. You can check your status by verifying your identity which shouldn’t take you more than a minute. If you want to get an update today on your stimulus check, check it once a day and it will work more than enough.

Third stimulus check income thresholds

As for calculating the amount you’re going to get, it’s the same as the previous two stimulus payments. If your adjusted gross income is more than $75,000 as a single filer or $150,000 as married filing jointly, it will reduce until it completely phases out at $99,000 and $198,000 respectively. For heads of households though, the income thresholds begin at $112,500.

Unless your adjusted gross income (not your actual income) is less than the phase-out limits, you will get a stimulus check from Uncle Sam. If not though, you won’t get any so no need to stress it out by checking the status of something that doesn’t exist.

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