Where is My Stimulus Payment

The stimulus payments are now being handed to eligible individuals. Those who are eligible will get up to $1,200 as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security).

If your adjusted gross income on your 2024 or 2023 tax return was below $75,000, you will get the full $1,200. This is doubled for joint filers. For single filers, every $5,000 on adjusted gross income over $75,000 will cut your check amount by $250. Again—this is doubled for joint filers.

As for applying for the stimulus checks, the whole process can be done on the IRS website. Click here to make your application for the stimulus checks. To determine your eligibility, you will need your:

  • 2024 tax return
  • 2023 tax return if you haven’t filed a 2024 tax return yet
Where is My Stimulus Payment
Where is My Stimulus Payment 1

Once this is all set and done, you will then wait for a couple of days for your application to be processed.

Check the Status of Stimulus Check Application

Without a doubt, the Internal Revenue Service provides us with a lot of tools and services to keep us up to date. After you complete your application, you can then go ahead and check the status of it. This can easily be done using the where’s my stimulus check.

Open the IRS page for checking the status of stimulus payments from here. Click on Get My Payment and verify your identity. Once that is set and done, you will see the current status of your stimulus check application.

Note: Same as the Where’s My Refund, this tool is updated overnight. Therefore, checking multiple times throughout the day won’t show any updates.


    1. I have been waiting for the stimulus check and not received yet I need to know something about this asap.

    1. Hello Madison,

      Them, you can claim the recovery rebate credit on the part you haven’t received it from the IRS. Your second Economic Impact Payment might be on its way though. Make sure to give your stimulus a check before filing taxes using IRS Get My Payment.

  1. I haven’t received my stimulus check it hasn’t been deposited into my account what is going on

  2. I got a letter in the mail about a 2nd $600 payment issued on a check/debit card have not gotten anything yet. When am I expected to receive this payment?

    1. Hey Barbara,

      The third stimulus checks and debit cards are expected to roll out towards the end of March. You are most likely to get it by the end of March or at the start of April.

  3. I have not received my second stimulus check as I have claimed it on my taxes and the IRS took my state refund and I have not received my third stimulus payment as well. and when i go to track my payment it says more information is needed now the IRS has my taxes that I filed and my bank information but I cannot get any answers as far as any payments. I made less than 20,000 dollars last year and I submitted what I earned on unemployment. I really need a answer to this matter.

    1. Hello Martin,

      The chances of you getting your third Economic Impact Payment via check or debit card is more likely than direct deposit. Since you made less than $20,000 in 2020, you qualify for the full payment which is $1,400. It’s best to give the IRS a call which I’ll drop below the phone numbers for you to speak to an IRS representative.

      Also, you qualify for the unemployment tax break. If you paid taxes on the amount you’ve earned through unemployment, you will need to amend your 2020 tax return though. It was unfortunately introduced after the tax season started. You can get up to $10,200 in unemployment tax break and assuming you will also take the standard deduction, your taxable income will be under $0 – meaning you won’t pay any taxes and you’ll get any amount withheld/paid through estimated taxes back in your tax refund. Here are the resources for you to learn more about this.

      IRS Phone Numbers

      Amending a tax return

      Unemployment tax break of up to $1,200

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