IRS Stimulus Tracker

The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals to track the status of their stimulus payments. The second Economic Impact Payments are now being handed out by the Internal Revenue Service and US Department of Treasury. Eligible individuals can track the status of their stimulus payments through IRS Get My Payment.

To track the status of your payment, head over to Get My Payment tool and enter the following to verify your identity.

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Mailing address

Once you enter these, you can see the status of your payment. If your stimulus was sent to you, the status of it will be shown. Whether it was mailed or direct deposited to your bank account, you will know about it.

It’s good to keep in mind that same as most other trackers of the IRS, the updates occur once a day, usually at midnight. Since the status of your stimulus won’t change on Get My Payment regardless of how many times you check it, once a day is enough.

Stimulus Status Not Available

Many taxpayers experienced seeing their stimulus status as “stimulus status not available”. If you’re seeing this, know that you won’t be getting a stimulus payment. Don’t get upset though. If you’re eligible for Economic Impact Payments, you will get it regardless.

The Economic Impact Payments were an advance payments of the Recovery Rebate Credit. You might’ve not heard this tax credit but if you received the first stimulus, know that you received this tax credit as an advance payment.

Can I update payment information with IRS?

The applications for the stimulus payments were available until mid-November, 2024. You could then update payment information online through Get My Payment but this is no longer available.

To update payment information with the IRS, you must file a federal income tax return. Since you won’t be getting stimulus payments without filing a tax return with the IRS, non-filers can also file tax returns to get EIP3. Learn more about the recovery rebate credit above.


    1. I am on disability,I got both of my stimulus checks waiting on the third one,it goes Straight to my bank from I need to file to get my 1400$ .I need to know if I need to to file or not.When I check no it ,it said need more information. Thank you

  1. We filed four weeks ago electronic joint married. We still have not gotten our stimulus for the six hundred each.

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