Pay Taxes Online – Credit Card and Bank Account

Regardless of the kind of tax you need to pay, it can be paid online. The IRS allows taxpayers to make tax payments via Direct Pay and third-part payment processors. While you can pay on Direct Pay using your bank account, IRS-approved third-part payment processors only accept payments online with a debit or credit card. 

Although there aren’t going to be fees when paying taxes online with bank account, there is a small processing fee for paying with credit cards. This is because you won’t be paying directly to the IRS. You will pay taxes on the payment processor’s website. 

As for the fees, it depends on the payment processor you choose to pay. The fees are about $2 flat for debit cards and 1.75% for credit cards.

Below, you can see in detail how to pay taxes online with your bank account and credit card. 

Pay With Bank Account

Go to IRS Direct Pay

Click on Make a Payment

Choose the type of tax payment you want to make. For example, select tax payment reason as Extension.

Continue to fill out the verification form to verify who you are.

Review your information and make your payment.

Pay Taxes With Credit Card

Go to IRS Payments page

Click on Credit Card or Debit Card

On the opened page, select a payment processor. We suggest paying taxes with the payment processor that has the lowest rate of fees.

You will then be redirected to the payment processor’s website. From there, you can pay taxes using the instructions. Again, you will need to select reason for payment and fill out a verification form to verify your identity.

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