In January 2016, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) relaunched its MyFTB website, a Web-based system that allows individuals to review their state income tax refunds, tax payments, and other informational items.

MyFTB provides individuals, business representatives, and tax professionals access to their client tax account information online. It also allows for filing power of attorney documents and granting POA access to FTB notices. It also enables tax practitioners to check the status of their clients’ FTB accounts and make payments. In order to use this service, both taxpayers and tax professionals must register and validate their identities. The new registration process is designed to keep sensitive information out of the hands of identity thieves and prevent fraud by allowing registrants to see the name of the first person who accesses their MyFTB account.

Once a MyFTB account is activated, taxpayers can view their personal account information, including returns, balances, withholding and estimate payments, account alerts, notices, and correspondence. They can also file a return or chat online with an FTB representative about confidential matters. This new system is much more user-friendly and convenient than calling the FTB to speak with a live representative and waiting for a callback.


How to Login MyFTB?

Before you can login to MyFTB, however, you must first create an account and register. Once you have registered, you will receive a PIN by mail. Your PIN will allow you to access your MyFTB account for 21 days, after which it will expire. Once your PIN has expired, you will have to re-register in order to use MyFTB again. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FTB for assistance.

The majority of FTB notices and letters contain a document locator number (DLN). The alphanumerical DLN is located in the upper right-hand corner of the notice or letter. Use this tool to view your DLN and the status of your case. You can also check the status of your case by calling FTB’s Customer Service Center. FTB’s contact numbers are available on our Contact Us page.

MyFTB Update

MyFTB Update

To protect personal information and prevent identity theft, California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has upgraded its MyFTB website, which allows individuals and tax practitioners to access their state tax account information. The new site requires users to register and will also send a letter to alert them when someone else has accessed their information.

Once registered, taxpayers can use the enhanced MyFTB to make payments online and access their state tax accounts. In addition, they can review returns and other account information and communicate with the FTB via email or a live chat feature.

The new MyFTB site has additional security features for individual and business taxpayers, including a cross-platform signing tool that can be used on any device or OS. Additionally, taxpayers can file a power of attorney declaration or submit an already-signed POA for their advisor to view their return information. In addition, they can respond to a proposed assessment or request a 30-day deferral to file a return.

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