IRS Letter 6470

The Internal Revenue Service started rolling out letters titled 6470. and this leads to some confusion among taxpayers. The purpose of IRS letter 6470 is to inform you about the changes made to your Recovery Rebate Credit, also known as the stimulus check, and explain your rights to appeal. 

The letter carefully explains why the IRS changed your credit amount. The changes generally explain that there were errors in taxpayer identification numbers for you, your spouse, or one or more of your dependents along with eligibility lapses. Although the IRS Letter 6470 explains these, you can appeal to them.

How to appeal to Recovery Rebate Credit changes?

The IRS Letter 6470 that’s sent to you includes a phone number which you can learn about how you can appeal. In some cases, a verbal appeal is enough, whereas, in others, it requires more details, such as statements and proof that you deserve the recovery rebate credit amount claimed on the original tax return.

Give a call to the number on the letter and find more about your rights to appeal. Sure enough, the letter explains them but not in greater detail. 

If you don’t want to appeal and agree with the changes made to your federal income tax return, you don’t need to take any further action. Though, it’s recommended that you save a copy of the letter for your records.  

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