IRS Letters

IRS letters refer to official correspondence sent by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to taxpayers. The IRS uses these letters to communicate important information, request additional documentation or payments, inform taxpayers of changes to their tax returns, or notify them of any issues that need attention. These letters are an essential means of communication between the IRS and taxpayers to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

  • Letter 6331C

    Letter 6331C

    The IRS has been receiving increasing reports of identity theft and fraud related to tax returns. In order to combat…

  • IRS Letter 6419 for child tax credit

    IRS Letter 6419

    The Internal Revenue Service started sending out informational letters regarding the advanced payments of the child tax credit.  If you’re…

  • IRS Letter 6470

    IRS Letter 6470

    The Internal Revenue Service started rolling out letters titled 6470. and this leads to some confusion among taxpayers. The purpose…

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