How to Fix IRS Reject Code IND-031-04?

What can I do if I keep getting Reject Code Ind-031-04? How do I fix Ind-031-04? These are questions that plague millions of Americans. Hopefully, this article can help you resolve this issue and get your taxes processed without errors. There are many things that could cause this error to show up. If you receive the same error message as many Americans, keep reading to learn how to resolve the problem.

The IRS Reject Code IND-031-04 error message means that the prior year’s AGI and PIN are not matching. The correct AGI and PIN can be found and entered in the appropriate fields. Then, you can proceed to file your federal income tax return. The error message is usually caused by mistake in the AGI or PIN. However, you can resolve this problem by following these steps.

The most common reason for this reject code is a clerical error. Oftentimes, these errors contain critical identifying information. If you keep getting this code, it means that you need to make changes to your information. 

You can resubmit your tax return to fix the error or print and mail it to the IRS. If you have any doubts about the error, you can contact the IRS for further assistance.

Another cause of the e-file rejection is an AGI mismatch. This means that the AGI number you input on line 11 is not the same as the AGI number on your prior year’s tax return. The AGI number you provide must match the number in the IRS e-file database. If it doesn’t, IRS will send you a CP80 Notice to correct the problem.

How do I fix Ind-031-04?

If you have the IRS reject code IND-031-04, it is probably because your adjusted gross income or PIN doesn’t match the current year’s numbers. You need to check your AGI and PIN to ensure you file your return with the correct information. If you’re unsure about your AGI, you can always use the IRS’s online tool to find out what it is and enter the correct value to file your federal income tax return.

To solve the IRS reject code IND-031-04 error, you must first check your AGI for the prior year. The IRS wants to know your AGI in order to determine whether you’re eligible to receive stimulus payments. If your AGI is correct but you’ve filed more than one tax return, the error may still pop up. If so, open the previous year’s tax return and enter it there. Then, click “Continue.”

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