IRS CP80 Notice

If you ever wonder what’s the IRS CP80 Notice, know that you’ve received it for a simple reason. The Internal Revenue Service sends the CP80 Notice for the credited payments to your tax account for the tax period. 

The tax period in which the CP80 is sent is shown on the Notice. While it’s expected from the IRS to credit payments or other credits, Notice CP80 is sent if the return isn’t received by the agency. 

What to do after receiving Notice CP80?

What you need to do once you receive Notice CP80 is clear – file your federal income tax return and send it to the address stated on it. 

If you’ve already filed the federal income tax return for the pay period CP80 is sent for, then send a newly-signed copy of the return to the address on the Notice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve e-filed the initial tax return or sent a paper copy. Simply file it again with the IRS by sending it a copy.

Given that you received Notice CP80 from the Internal Revenue Service, and this is related to the agency crediting your payment or tax credit, you should get your newly-signed tax credit as soon as possible. You don’t necessarily need to wait for the tax season to send this tax return as it’s not relevant. 

However, if you haven’t filed the return for the pay period needed and stated on the Notice CP80, prepare your return and don’t send it to the mailing address for the tax returns as usual. Instead, send it to the address on the Notice CP80. Once the return is sent, you may get a call from the IRS or additional documents in the mail, further notifying you that the agency has received your return and processed it. 

Still, there might be further actions you need to take regards to the Notice CP80. If that’s the case for you, make sure to follow up with the IRS and take the actions that are needed to fulfill these obligations.

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