IRS Account Transcript Code 570

A code 570 on your tax transcript suggests that the IRS has put a freeze on processing/reviewing your return. You’ll most likely see a $0.00 amount next to this line, or it may contain a positive number when the IRS resolves the issue.

If you have an IRS Account Transcript Code 570 on your IRS tax transcript, this indicates that the IRS needs to review your return more closely. This can be due to various issues, such as discrepancies in your employer’s reported wage information, identification verification, or the reconciliation of claimed tax credits against IRS records. Depending on the reason behind this freeze code, you may not be required to take any action in order for the IRS to lift it. However, it is important to check your tax account transcript a few times a week so you can be aware of any changes.

Typically the amounts listed next to IRS Account Transcript Code 570 and IRS Account Transcript Code 971 on your tax transcript will show $0.00 if the issue that led to this freeze code is non-monetary and a positive dollar amount if the resolving process will impact your refund sum. Unless the issue can be resolved internally, it will likely delay your refund payment.

What to Do About Transcript Code 570
IRS Account Transcript Code 570 1

What to Do About Transcript Code 570?

If you receive this code on your IRS transcript, it is important to understand what it means and know that the IRS is trying to resolve the issue with your return. It does not mean that you are being audited, nor does it imply that your refund is subject to an offset. IRS Account Transcript Code 570 indicates that your return is being pulled for additional review and verification. This could be due to a number of issues, including wage verification, IRS debt, injured spouse claims, ID verification, or reconciliation of tax credits claimed on your return versus what the IRS has on record.

The best way to track your refund is through the official IRS Where’s My Refund website or by requesting an IRS account transcript. You should also check the date that appears in the Explanation of Transactions section, as this will indicate when the IRS will process your return.

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