How to Check My Credit Score

Without a doubt, your credit score shapes your finances at the highest level. Whenever you apply to get a new credit card or a loan, the first thing the lender will look at is your credit score. Keeping a healthy credit score not only important for getting approval but for rainy days when you may need funds.

As for knowing your credit score, there many ways to check your credit score. The easiest and perhaps the most convenient one is purchasing a credit monitoring service plan. Any credit monitoring service that shows your credit reports from three major credit bureaus will do the job.

Although there are a few types of credit scores, the most important is your FICO credit score. All credit monitoring from the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, will show you this. However, since there might be slight differences in your credit score. We recommend monitoring services where it shows your reports from all three.

Credit Monitoring Services

If you have an identity theft protection service, you probably have credit monitoring on the side. But it can be bought as standalone. Typically, a credit monitoring service on a monthly subscription will cost you between $20 to $40.

Not only you will get to see updates on your credit score, you will also be notified whenever there is a change. For example, if an application is made on your credit profile, you’ll see it instantly. This is one of the reasons why the identity theft protection services offer credit monitoring.

Where to buy credit monitoring services?

There are hundreds of credit monitoring services but we recommend you to stick with the ones offered by the credit bureaus above. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian offer credit monitoring at an affordable price with weekly updates on your credit score.

Credit Score for Free

How to Check My Credit Score
How to Check My Credit Score 1

Unfortunately, as far as the FICO score goes, there isn’t a free way to check your credit score. None of the credit monitoring services offer a free plan at the moment. However, you can always take FICO’s own credit score estimator to see what it might be.

You can use the FICO estimator to see credit score from here.

The FICO estimator will ask you a series of questions about your credit history. According to your answers, you will have an estimation of your credit score. If your credit history is fairly new and trying to build up a good credit score, we recommend purchasing credit monitoring even if it is for a temporary period.

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