Identity Theft Protection

Fear that your personal information including your identity may get stolen? Get the best identity theft protection quotes.

Identity Theft Protection can be such a great investment to protect yourself against fraud. All identity theft protections provide instant information when your identity is stolen or at risk of being stolen. While the main features of identity theft protection are scanning your Social Security number on the internet including the dark web, there are more than just meets the eye.

Applying for credit cards or any other type of fund providing loans has become increasingly easier over the years. To avoid identity theft and to get ahead of getting scammed thousands of dollars, you’ll have to secure your identity. And to do this, we strongly encourage you to have identity theft protection. alerts you in case if there has been a credit card or a loan application made on your name.

Assuming this will be you in the case of having identity theft protection, you can simply cancel everything even before the approval is granted. Although you can get a similar service with credit monitoring, it simply won’t be enough to take further security measures. Credit monitoring allows you to check your credit reports and credit scores instantly but there isn’t much in the name of security.

Luckily, as a by-product of identity theft protection, you’ll also be able to monitor your credit. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who are on their path to rebuild or build your credit score. So get identity protection instead of standalone credit monitoring.

Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Prices

Many of the insurance companies and organizations offer identity theft protection. You can get identity theft protection for about $20 to $30 per month. This may or may not include the credit monitoring service.

For the most part, you’ll have to pay for it separately. However, you can get both services from nonprofits like AARP which will offer a better deal. The credit monitoring service will have a direct relationship with the three major credit bureaus.

U.S. Credit Bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, Equifax

Even if your credit monitoring alongside identity theft protection isn’t provided by either one of these bureaus, it will have a direct relationship with at least one of them.

Should you sign up for an identity theft protection service?

Identity theft is one of those a few things that won’t cross your mind until it happens to you. A person who commits identity theft by assuming yours can bring a huge financial burden on you. If such an event occurs, there are many ways that you can regain your identity and waive off payments.

However, until that happens there are going to be many fees that you’ll need to pay. Most identity theft protection services already sign you up with an insurance plan included. On top of this, your identity theft protection company will provide you a professional that will handle the process of restoring your identity. The legal fees that will be subjected to you are going be also reimbursed by the service provider.

If you’re an individual that has submitted his or her personal information including Full Name, Social Security number, primary e-mails, Phone Number and so on to public websites, identity theft protection is something that you should definitely have.

But if your main goal is to monitor your credit reports and scores while being extra cautious, it can still be a great investment. In the end, it all boils down to if you’re willing to spend $250 to $350 a year on protecting your identity. So weigh whether you actually need identity theft protection or not, then decide. Visit our front page to see the best insurance companies that provide identity protection services.

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