Form 4506-T

Form 4506-T is the Request for Transcript of Tax Return. As the title of the form suggests, taxpayers can use it for requesting tax transcripts from the Internal Revenue Service. Before you fill it out and mail it to the IRS, there is an easier way to get your tax transcript online, which we’ll get to that in a moment. 

Get the tax form for requesting tax transcripts below.

Form 4506-T PDF Fillable

The above form is fillable online, meaning that you can enter your information, check the boxes, and enter money amounts if necessary and save it as a PDF file. From there, you can print out a paper copy and mail it to the Internal Revenue Service.

Online tax transcripts

Unless you’ve checked it and the year of the tax transcripts aren’t available on the Get Transcript Online tool, we highly recommend requesting them through here. In most cases, tax transcripts are available from the last tax season to all the way back from the early 2000s. If your tax transcripts aren’t displayed on the Get Transcript Online tool, you might need to send Form 4506-T to get them.

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Additionally, there is Form 4506. Fill out this tax form and mail it to the IRS to get a copy of your tax return that’s different than your tax transcript and a lot more comprehensive, consisting of your original 1040 along with its attachments. Compared to a tax transcript that only has your basic details like adjusted gross income, taxes paid, etc., the copy of the tax return is a lot more detailed.

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