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Just like any other insurance market, the car insurance market is huge and it is exploding each year. The car insurance you get is highly dependent upon the car you own and drive. But the insurance company can make up a good chunk of the benefits and the overall cost.

The best car insurance in our opinion is the one that has the best financial strength, overall availability, and coverage. Many insurance companies offer certain discounts and benefits to certain individuals. For example, if you’re a veteran or an active-duty military service member, the USAA is going to be the best car insurance company for you.

With that being said, breaking down the best insurance company is oftentimes challenging. This is because you will be different than someone else reading this article and so on. So in this article, we will break down each insurance company that is good for certain individuals such as teens, DUIs, military members, seniors, and students.

Top-Rated Insurance Companies July 2024

Best Car Insurance Companies
Best Car Insurance Companies 1

Progressive Car Insurance for DUIs

Progressive has been around for a long period of time offering many types of car insurance. The insurance company has an A+ rating from the AM Best and has over $25 billion in premiums every year.

The best features of this car insurance include a deductible savings bank that helps you save $50 toward your next deductible for each six-month period. It also has something called Snapshot which is a point-based system that gives or deducts points based on how good of a driver you are.

Because of this system, DUIs can benefit from this and increase their points on Snapshot as the points will increase as you drive better. Not only that but the Progressive is actually more affordable for drivers who have DWI or DUI on their record. If you were to compare their prices with other insurance companies, you’d see a vast difference in this particular topic.

USAA Car Insurance for Military

There is no doubt that United Service Automobile Association or USAA for short has been the most helpful car insurance company towards military families. Only those who have a military member in their family and those who served in the military can purchase car insurance from USAA.

But if you’re eligible though, it is undoubtedly the best car insurance company in the United States. Its prices are coverage is at a much more affordable rate than any other car insurance company.

After all, it is why the company has over 12 million members. If we could rate the company, it would definitely be the highest possible rating.

AARP Auto Insurance Program from Hartford for Seniors

Best Car Insurance Companies
Best Car Insurance Companies 2

It’s not news for AARP (American Association for Retired Peoples) members to enjoy certain benefits. Given that the membership only costs $16 while getting a bunch of benefits, AARP is certainly the most attractive destination for folks that are retired.

Although many car insurance companies offer different types of coverage and benefits to seniors, Hartford Car Insurance‘s Program for ARRP members is the best for seniors as of July 2024. The best part about car insurance from Hartford is AARP members get 12-month auto insurance rate protection. So the premiums are fixed and won’t change regardless.

You can also get renew your car insurance for your lifetime. However, there is some requirements, actually just two. Be able to maintain a driver’s license and pay your premiums on time. That’s it.

Car Insurance for Young and New Drivers

As for auto insurance for young individuals goes, we didn’t want to mix this student’s car insurance with teen’s car insurance. Because not all teens are students and not all students are teens. With that being said, while a teen in college can purchase a certain type of insurance, another teen at the same age may not be able to.

State Farm Car Insurance for Students

Best Car Insurance Companies
Best Car Insurance Companies 3

State Farm owns about 17% of the auto insurance market in the United States. The insurance company currently services over 83 million policies. That is exactly what you’d expect from a company that is ranked 36th on the Fortune 500 list in 2019.

Students who purchase their car insurance premiums from State Farm enjoy many of its benefits. The highlights include roadside assistance, travel expenses, and rental deductible. State Farm is ranked for being the best car insurance for young drivers and students in many states. It is highly recommended by us but if you’re looking to pay your annual premium all at once, Erie can be a better option.

Erie Car Insurance for Teens

Erie Car Insurance has been very popular among teens especially to the ones who are nineteen. What makes it so appealing to teens is probably its Youthful Driver Discount. Erie offers a 5 to 25 percent discount on new drivers if you meet their requirements.

It also applies to the whole family if there are new drivers. To qualify, you must be under 21 years of age and live with your parents. This cuts down the cost of car insurance significantly. With the payment perks of Erie Insurance, you’ll be able to cut down the cost of car insurance even further by paying your annual premium upfront which we highly recommend doing.

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