How to Cancel Progressive Car Insurance?

You can cancel your Progressive car insurance policy at any time. However, canceling when your policy is close to renewal or expiring is best. This way, you will avoid any cancellation fees.

Whether you want to switch car insurance companies for better rates or find another policy due to changes in your life, it’s important to understand how to cancel Progressive car insurance properly. There are a few things to keep in mind, like possible cancellation fees and refund policies. Cancelling a policy before your renewal date is generally the best option. This is because you will likely avoid any cancellation fees. However, it’s still important to have a new car insurance policy in place before you cancel your Progressive policy. Otherwise, you’ll create a gap in coverage, which could lead to higher car insurance rates.

Progressive typically calculates refunds using a prorated method. They determine this by dividing the total premium paid by their daily rate and then multiplying that amount by the number of days remaining in your policy term. The remainder is what they call unearned premium, and the company will give you a 90% refund of that amount. Alternatively, they may use a different method to calculate your refund. This depends on your state’s laws and the terms of your policy. However, it’s important to review your policy contract and contact Progressive directly for the most accurate information. You should also be aware that your cancellation refund may take some time to process. If you haven’t received your refund within the specified time frame, contacting Progressive is a good idea.

Can I Cancel My Progressive Car Insurance Policy Online
How to Cancel Progressive Car Insurance? 1

Can I Cancel My Progressive Car Insurance Policy Online?

While you can make changes to your policy online, you cannot cancel your Progressive car insurance online. To cancel your policy, you must call their customer service or write a letter to them. Be sure to purchase a replacement insurance policy before your termination date to avoid a coverage gap. You should also ask about any refunds you may be entitled to from unused premiums.

Generally, canceling your Progressive car insurance before your renewal date is best. This allows you to switch providers without a cancellation fee and allows you time to find a new policy. However, it is important to exercise urgency in finding a new policy, as driving uninsured can lead to expensive and even legal consequences.

Is there a Fee to Cancel Insurance with Progressive?

There is no fee to cancel Progressive insurance; you may even receive a refund for unused premiums. However, you should always ensure you have a new policy before cancelling your old one. Doing so will prevent a gap in coverage that can negatively impact your car insurance rates and label you as a risky driver in the future.

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