Where can I purchase an international money order?

The international money orders have plenty of uses. You can use an international money order to prepay an amount to use as a form of payment. It’s secure and this allows you pay without using a credit card, cash, or check. You simply make your payment via an international money order.

The purchase of an international money order can be quite confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone can purchase international money orders at any USPS post office. You can purchase an international money order and get your paper with only the dollar amount showing while other fields are left blank.

Best place to buy international money order

The best place to buy an international money order is through the United States Postal Offices. You can get international money orders from the USPS for up to $700 at $8.55. However, this is $500 for Guayana and El Salvador. There are also other places you can purchase an international money order such as WesternUnion and MoneyGram. It’s just a lot more convenient to purchase international money orders through the USPS.

Take note that regardless of where you purchase an international money order, you cannot get one online. You must show up in-person at a post office to purchase international money orders.

What to know about making payments with an international money order

The international money orders obtained at the USPS can be used in up to 28 countries, but, it might be quite hard to make payments. For example, while you’re in a European country, you might be expected to exchange it for euros at a bank. But, the businesses and vendors that have international connections mostly accept international money orders even when you’re in a country that doesn’t get much use of dollars.

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