West Virginia State Income Tax

The West Virginia state personal income tax is 6%. It is based on the purchase price of tangible personal property and taxable services. Local sales taxes are also collected.

West Virginia state income taxes are levied on the taxable income of individuals or legal entities. These taxes are similar to federal income tax rates and are progressive – the rate of taxation increases as taxable income rises. Ordinary income is typically defined as wages and profits from a job, rental income, dividends, interest, royalties, and certain retirement account distributions. It does not include capital gains or other special income.

West Virginia has a progressive income tax that is broken down into five tax brackets. The top West Virginia State Income Tax rate is 6.50% and applies to taxpayers earning more than $60,000. This tax is paid on adjusted gross income, which includes all income after deductions and exemptions. West Virginia also taxes Social Security benefits and retirement income.

How to File West Virginia State Income Tax?

Business Electronic Filing Mandate – The state requires that all businesses electronically file their business tax returns. You can use eForms or Web Upload to submit your business returns. You can also check your return status using eForms or Web Upload.

The West Virginia individual income tax deadline is April 15. If you file a federal extension, the state will automatically extend your filing deadline to October 15. However, this does not extend the due date for payment.

Fiduciary and Estate – Fiduciaries must file West Virginia Form IT-141 to report fiduciary income. You must mark this form as an amended return by checking the box on the header of the form. Fiduciaries who are granted an extension to file a federal return must also request an extension to pay any West Virginia tax due.

How to Pay West Virginia State Income Tax
West Virginia State Income Tax 1

How to Pay West Virginia State Income Tax?

The state of West Virginia requires employers to withhold income tax from their employees’ wages. The withholding amounts vary depending on the individual’s earnings and filing status. In addition, employers must pay unemployment insurance taxes and stay updated on minimum wage rates to ensure accurate payroll tax calculations.

To pay West Virginia state income taxes, individuals can use the online ePay system. This system accepts credit and debit cards. Alternatively, they can mail a check or money order to the State Tax Department. When sending a payment, it is important to complete voucher IT-140V and include it with the tax amount.

Businesses can also register for ACH debit and credit to make automated payments from their bank account. To do so, they must provide their identification number, three-digit adjustment code (001 for most businesses), and contact information. Lastly, they must confirm their business is registered with the state tax department.

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