Form 56 – Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship

Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationships, or Form 56, is the IRS form used to establish and terminate fiduciary relationships. This article will help you understand the details of this document, including what it is, how to file it, and the best methods of filing it.

A Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship, or Form 56, must be sent to the IRS whenever someone takes on fiduciary responsibility for someone else’s money. This form is usually used when someone becomes sick or injured and wants to give their tax responsibilities to someone else. The form can also be used in court proceedings where one party becomes the fiduciary of another. Read on for further instructions.

What is Form 56 and How to Fill it Out?

Form 56 is needed by the IRS when a person dies, becomes unable to do their taxes, or gives their tax responsibilities to someone else. It is required when you are responsible for managing a decedent’s estate. The process also applies if you are one of many trustees for one estate. If you plan to manage several different estates, you must file separate forms for each one.

You can fill out Form 56 online or download the document and print it out. It’s important to fill out the form accurately. Any mistakes you make will be your responsibility.

The first step is to find a form that fits your specific situation. Don’t forget that the purpose of this form is to let federal agencies and creditors know that you are acting as a fiduciary. You can get the Form 56 PDF below and find instructions for filling it in. You can start the filing process after clicking Get Form 56 below.

Form 56 Includes Several Sections:

  • Section A outlines the authority for the fiduciary relationship. 
  • It details whether the relationship is based on an intestate estate, court appointment, or another appointment. 
  • It also asks for the fiduciary relationship’s description.
  • It also requires the appointment date, taking office, or assignment.

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