W9 Form Printable 2021

W9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) is a commonly used IRS tax form. Although it’s a simple tax form, many taxpayers especially the ones who are new to self-employment make a bigger deal out of it. The purpose of Form W-9 is to provide the correct taxpayer identification number of the filer. In this article, we’ll provide you with the printable Form W-9 and explain how to print it out on paper.

If you’re earning income from somewhere, your taxpayer identification number is needed in order to furnish you with copies of tax forms that report the income earned. The use of Form W-9 did not go beyond its use but it became even more common. Due to the spike in working from home, Form W-2 became more and more used every day. Any freelancer working online needs to send a Form W-9 to the payer to provide their taxpayer identification numbers.

Form W-9 can be filed electronically or on paper. Either way though, if you need a paper copy, we highly suggest filling out the form online, and print out a paper copy once you’re done. The only thing left to do then will be just signing the document. Upon signing the document, you can furnish a copy to the requester and keep one for yourself so you don’t have to fill out a W-9 every time you’ve been asked one. Because filers of Form W-9 don’t have to include the name of the person requesting the form, you can keep a document for yourself.

Paper Form W-9

Get the paper Form W-9 to fill out online and print out a paper copy. This will enable you to fill out a copy of Form W-9 in under five minutes. The information needed on Form W-9 is pretty basic as the purpose of the form is to provide the taxpayer identification number. The taxpayer identification number refers to the Social Security number or the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number of the requested individual/business. Employers can also provide their Employer Identification Number on the form.

On our blog, we’ve already covered Form W-9 where you can learn more about it and fill out and print out a paper copy. Get Form W9 2021. The current Form W-9 has no expiration date so you can fill out the one linked below for now. We expect the IRS to bring a new Form W-9 in 2022 or the year after.

Fill out printable 2021 Form W-9 below.

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