Taxpayer Identification Number Lookup

The Internal Revenue Service has different types of taxpayer identification numbers issued to taxpayers with different circumstances. Most people in the United States have their Social Security Numbers as their taxpayer identification numbers. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if you don’t have an SSN. 

This article will cover everything about taxpayer identification numbers and how to look up and verify with the Internal Revenue Service.

Types of TIN

Abbreviated as TIN, taxpayer identification numbers help identify taxpayers with government agencies. There are several types, as briefly mentioned above. Here are the kinds of TIN.

Social Security Number – SSN

Every US person has a Social Security Number to help identify them. This is the standard for people who are born in the US and are citizens and residents. 

Employer Identification Number – EIN

As the name suggests, the employer identification number is for entities that do business in the United States. It’s also known as a federal employer identification number that works the same as Social Security Number does for individuals.

Learn more about applying for EIN.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number – ITIN

The taxpayers that are not considered US persons need a taxpayer identification number. It’s available for certain nonresidents and residents aliens that aren’t eligible for an SSN. Additionally, if applicable, spouses and dependents of individuals who get ITIN also get an individual taxpayer identification number.

Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number – ATIN

A temporary taxpayer identification number that the IRS gives to individuals who are in the process of legally adopting a US citizen or resident that can’t get a Social Security Number at the time of processing the application to claim them on their federal/state income tax returns.

Verifying taxpayer identification number

Whether you forgot your taxpayer identification number or want to validate it, you can use the TIN Verifier Mobile App. It’s available on iOS and Android, where you can utilize it to verify your TIN.

It works by chatting with a representative of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and verifying the TIN you have. On the other hand, those that have forgotten their taxpayer identification numbers can inquire about getting their TIN. It’s a convenient way to learn your taxpayer identification number without going to an IRS office.

Get the app from the following links.

TIN Verifier Mobile App – Android

TIN Verifier Mobile App – AppStore

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