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TAP is a state-funded aid program for New York residents who attend an in-state post-secondary school. This article will discuss What TAP is and how to apply for it.

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is a grant that helps eligible New York State residents pay tuition at approved colleges. TAP Application can be done online or via the FAFSA confirmation page link. TAP is a grant that doesn’t have to be paid back. The amount you receive depends on your income and whether you meet other eligibility criteria. The award amounts vary from $500 – $5,665 for students attending SUNY, CUNY, and not-for-profit independent degree-granting colleges.

TAP is a need-based grant, so you must fill out the FAFSA each year to apply for TAP. Once you complete your FAFSA, you will receive a student aid report that lists all the grants you qualify for. The NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) determines the TAP award amount based on a published schedule and income verification process. When completing your TAP application, inputting the most accurate information possible is important. It will help HESC calculate your award correctly, and you may qualify for additional financial aid.

TAP Eligibility

To be eligible for TAP, you must have graduated from a New York State high school, earned a GED certificate, or passed a federally approved Ability to Benefit test. Your parent’s or legal guardian’s annual income must not be greater than $110,000.

You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in your college Bulletin, as well as the minimum credit hours and grade point average required by the university. In addition, you must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits that are all applicable to your degree requirements or declared major.

Students who have failed to meet one of the above requirements can request a one-time waiver of good academic standing if extenuating circumstances contributed to their inability to maintain good academic standing. These requests must be submitted to the Certifications team through a TAP Waiver Request Form. The waiver will be granted when there is a reasonable expectation that the student will meet future requirements.

How to Apply For TAP
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How to Apply For TAP?

TAP applications typically take 3-5 weeks to process. However, this can take longer if the application requires additional documents or corrections to be submitted. Once the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) receives your TAP application, it takes approximately three days for them to send you an email or postcard with instructions on how to complete your TAP online. 

  1. Applying for TAP is free, and you can start the application process within 3-4 days of completing your FAFSA. The Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) will email you or mail you instructions to apply online.
  2. After submitting your TAP application, you’ll receive an email from HESC that will tell you how to check the status of your application and what additional action you need to take. This information will be sent to the email address you provided on your FAFSA.
  3. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll have a “HescPIN” that you can use to log into your HESC account and check on your TAP status. This is the same email address that HESC will use to notify you of any processing updates or award information.

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