PTIN Renewal

The Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number or PTIN is the identification number for tax preparers. The PTIN renewal must be done for every tax year. Unlike an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number which is another TIN that is used by taxpayers, PTINs are issued for that tax year alone.

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If you’re a tax preparer or assist people with their tax returns for compensation, you must obtain a PTIN. If you prepare tax returns for compensation without a valid PTIN, there will be monetary penalties on your end. These shouldn’t be things to hear for you if you want to renew a PTIN—assuming you already know them.

For the 2024 tax season, PTIN renewals are open. Every tax year, you can begin renewing a PTIN starting on October 15, and it will expire on December 31, of the following year. Here is how to renew your PTIN if it’s time.

Note: You must renew your PTIN every tax year. If you used a PTIN in 2024, you must renew it by the time it expires.

Renew PTIN Online

The Internal Revenue Service has an online system for tax professionals. This is known as the IRS Tax Professional PTIN System. If you have an account, you can log in.

You can create an account if you:

  • are an enrolled agent
  • prepare federal tax returns for compensation
  • intend to become an enrolled agent

Once you register/log in, you can renew your PTIN to use in the 2024 calendar year. It’s good to note that everyone who wants to renew PTIN pays a $35.95 renewal fee. You can pay the renewal fee with your credit or debit card or via eCheck.

It is suggested that you renewal PTIN online as it takes less than 15 minutes and easiest way to both pay the fee and obtain the new PTIN.

Renew PTIN with Form W12

It’s also possible to renew a PTIN by filling out a Form W12 and mailing it to the IRS. Although it will take quite some time for you to obtain the new PTIN in comparison to online renewal, you have the option to do so.

Form W12 can be found below. This form is free to file online with the fillable PDF. Click the boxes you need to check and enter your information. You can then print out a paper copy and/or save it as a PDF file for your own records.

Form W12 Mailing Adress

Once printed out a paper copy, mail Form W12 with payment to:

IRS Tax Professional PTIN Processing Center
1605 George Dieter PMB 678
El Paso, TX 79936

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