W12 Form

Form W12, Preparer Tax Identification Number Application and Renewal is the tax form for applying or renewing PTIN numbers. The paid tax preparers must renew their PTIN for every calendar year. If you’re preparing and filing federal tax returns for compensation, you must obtain a PTIN first and renew it when the second year rolls in. It’s mandatory for all paid preparers as you’ll need to enter your PTIN on the tax returns you prepare.  

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Start filing Form W12 from above. First time filing this tax form? Read the instructions to file Form W12. 

Although you can get your PTIN renewed, tax preparers that want to renew by mail can fill out Form W12 and submit it to the Internal Revenue Service. The same with the online application, the paid preparer must pay the $39.95 application/renewal fee. Since you’re making your application on paper, you can only pay by money order or check order. Make sure that you include the payment with the form, but do not staple or paper clip, or otherwise attach the payment to the form. Submitting both the form and the payment in the same envelope is enough.

Your payment must be payable to the IRS Tax Pro PTIN fee. 

Fill out Form W12 Online Fillable PDF

You can fill out Form W12 online through the TaxUni PDF filler. The free tool seamlessly, and since the information required on the W12 is very basic, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to complete the form. Mail it to the Internal Revenue Service after filling out the form. Head over to above and get Form W12.

Where to mail Form W-12?

When preparing your PTIN renewal application, include your payment and the form in a large enough envelope and mail it to the below address.

IRS Tax Professional PTIN Processing Center 

PO Box 380638 

San Antonio, TX 78268

Since you’ll mail this to a PO box, don’t use any private delivery service such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. as they can’t deliver to PO boxes. Use USPS for all things you’re mailing to federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. 

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