Pennsylvania Sales Tax

Selling taxable goods and services in Pennsylvania requires registration, collecting the correct amount of tax per sale, and filing on time.

The Pennsylvania state sales tax rate is 6%. Philadelphia and Allegheny counties levy an additional local sales tax of up to 2%. Additionally, certain digital products are taxable under special rules. These include media streaming services, ebooks and software as a service (SaaS). Please consult the Department of Revenue’s website for more information.

Pennsylvania is a destination-based sales tax state, meaning that the sales tax rate is determined by the purchaser’s location. This makes it important to charge the right amount of sales tax when invoicing your customers. To make things easier, you can use a free sales tax calculator to help you determine the correct combined state and local sales tax rate.

Who Must File Pennsylvania Sales Tax?

If you’re a business owner operating in the state of Pennsylvania, then there are certain things that you need to know about Pennsylvania state sales tax filing. First, you’ll need to register as a sales taxpayer in the state, which can be done online at myPATH.

Once registered, you’ll be assigned a filing frequency based on your estimated tax liability. Businesses with a total tax liability of less than $25,000 annually must file monthly, while those with a tax liability of $25,001 or more must file quarterly.

In order to be a sales tax collector, your company must have a significant connection with the state of Pennsylvania, known as nexus. Traditionally, physical presence was enough to establish nexus, but now the law has also changed to include economic nexus. A business with economic nexus in Pennsylvania must collect and remit sales tax on all of its taxable sales to the state.

The state encourages timely filing of returns and offers a discount to those who file electronically. However, late filing and failure to file may lead to penalties and interest. It is important for sellers to familiarize themselves with the department’s filing frequency rules, as they can vary by business size and location.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemptions
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Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemptions

Several items are exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax. These include food consumed at home, prescription drugs, some medical equipment and supplies, and cable television services. The state also exempts certain clothing and footwear, including school uniforms, shoes for sports and other activities, and craft/sewing materials.

The taxability of some goods can be complicated in Pennsylvania. For example, shoes meant for everyday wear aren’t taxable, but sneakers and other athletic shoes are. The state’s rules on what is and isn’t taxable can change regularly, so it is important to keep up with these changes.

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